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Export Rafi Rifa
Export Rafi Rifa Export Rafi Rifa
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We are the Leading Coconut Shell Charcoal Supplier from Indonesia. There is a special discount for a minimum purchase of 2(two) 40ft containers(50tons).

Export Rafi Rifa

Our factory is ready to fulfill orders according to requests and contracts from our customers. Our factory also has years of experience in fulfilling exporters' orders and we can help you to prepare all documents and certificates. Our factory is SMDS (Safety Material Data) certified, which is a requirement for the export of goods that have the potential to catch fire when shipping goods abroad where not all charcoal briquette producers have this SMDS certificate. We have successfully fulfilled orders from European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

We Have 4 Factories in the Region in Java Island, Indonesia: East Java – Gersik, Central Java – Yogyakarta, Central Java – Semarang, West Java – Cirebon.

(If you want to visit our factory, there is an appointment, at least it is at the Surabaya location, you must bring a legitimate buyer and there is an agreement on the price, we will take you to our factory.)

How To Order:
1. Choose the product you are interested in
2. Contact Us Via WhatsApp: +6281998951022
3. Via Email: info@exportrafirifa.com
4. We will notify you of stock items within 2 working days.
5. Shipping from the ports of Surabaya or Jakarta.
6. Minimum Purchase 18 Tons(18000kg) / Container 20 feet (FCL). 
7. Free sample product 500 grams, shipping costs borne by the buyer. (Prices may change at any time.)

Order Payment :
1. Payment 50% At Sign Contract
2. Payment 50% At Loading Container
3. Payment Via T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
4. Letter of Credit Irrevocable (temporarily closed)
5. All requested document by buyer will be completed:
   (Packing List, Invoice in USD, B/L, Safety Material Data Sheet ( SMDS ) Documents)

WhatsApp. +6281998951022 / info@exportrafirifa.com